El Nogal

Web development + International Marketing

El Nogal

Web development + International Marketing
Their requirements

El Nogal, wellness nuts since 1980, is a manufacturer of healthy snacks that offers new solutions to the market, creating healthy snacks, with exclusive flavours, which are 100% natural and with innovative packaging. 

When we met each other, they were interested in capturing qualified leads from a specific audience: B2B. We had to address the distributors of their products, premium nuts, in the international market. So, we had to establish a marketing and communication strategy tailored to the market and audience of the USA and Canada.


This was the plan

Diagnosis of digital export potential

We conducted an analysis of the market and, based on that, we created the digital strategy: multichannel digital internationalisation plans.


Web Design and Development

We designed and created a corporate website focussed on capturing distributors in the American market.


SEM positioning campaigns

We analysed and created a structure of specific keywords for distributors and importers in order to push the US and Canadian markets


SEO & Content

We started from an analysis of the market and a study of keywords for positioning in the USA and Canada for El Nogal’s target audience. In this case, these are the distributors of its products.

International Marketing

We created communication and marketing strategies tailored to specific international markets. In the case of El Nogal Wellness Nuts, we created a website with a very specific type of product (premium nuts), for a specific B2B audience (retail, foodservice….) and with a highly visual image, unlike its website for the local market. Ultimately, we came up with a specific marketing and communication strategy for this particular market.

Market analysis

In the first phase, we carried out a diagnosis to find out whether there was potential to export its business model abroad. At this point, we also analysed what was necessary and what the company had already done and, once we were sure there was good export potential, we created a multi-channel digital plan to be able to reach the target markets. 

In this multi-channel plan, we conducted market research and identified the digitally most attractive target markets for El Nogal. We analysed the potential obstacles that we might find in entering the American market, carried out competitive benchmarking, studied the aspects of logistics and positioning, both paid and organic. 

Hence, we created a road map to be able to implement the multi-channel plan: SEO, SEM and LinkedIn media strategy.


We launched the SEO strategy proposed in the multi-channel plan. We worked on the SEO to position the brand and product in the USA.

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Web development

The new website for El Nogal Wellness Nuts consisted of creating an export website connected to Hubspot for the automation and scoring of leads. The main goal of this website is to capture distributors to export El Nogal’s products.

We designed and developed the website with a highly visual style which focusses the attention on the product, taking into account the target audience, we were inspired a little by the “American style”.

That way, we created an ecommerce to manage orders from the distributors with registration authorised by code and, as we already mentioned, we connected the forms and ecommerce with Hubspot for the automation and scoring of leads.

Of course, during the development phase, we worked on the SEO to position the brand and product in the USA.

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