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SEO positioning enables your target audience to find you easily. With a good website positioning strategy, we can ensure your brand gains visibility on search engines and manages to capture organic traffic from key words that generate business.

At ClickAge, we focus on how SEO services can help your business. We develop a bespoke website positioning strategy for your company.

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SEO traffic with low conversion and profitability? Shortage of specific goals and KPIs to have control of the project?
We create SEO strategies to achieve business goals. We establish a bespoke and flexible SEO strategy for your market, prioritising the areas where there is more business for your company. We implement a measurement plan, KPIs and goals to control your SEO project.


Appearing above the competition when your target carries out a search related to your business is vital. 

As an agency specialising in SEO, we know the advantages that a good website positioning strategy has for your business: increase in quality traffic to your website, increase in the visibility of your brand, valuable content for your users to position yourself as an expert, improve website usability and conversion of business goals.

Do you want to appear on the first page of Google?
Long term positioning
SEO is a long term marketing strategy which enables us to remain in the top positions on search engines.
Do you want to reach your target audience?
Quality traffic
We reach your target audience by creating content based on the keywords used by users interested in your product or service.
Do you want to improve your conversion rate?
Increase conversions
We improve the conversion rate by optimising the elements of the website that are related to sales: purchase funnel, service pages, product data sheets…


You choose how we do it
SEO Audit
We carry out a diagnosis of the situation of your website, analyse the opportunities for improvement and create an SEO positioning plan for your brand.
On-Page SEO
We optimise the important aspects of your website to improve its positioning on search engines: metadata, headers, content, indexability, structured data, technical SEO...
Off-Page SEO
We optimise the link profile (link sculpting) of your website, create manual links and look for link opportunities in the market.


Additional services
Do you need an SEO positioning agency to appear in the top positions?


Kick off and Strategy
We find out about your needs and strategic and business goals. We carry out a diagnosis of the current situation and of your website through an SEO audit. We design an SEO differentiation strategy, with an efficient SEO action plan when it comes to helping your business. The proposed actions may range from improvements in usability and browsing, content, structure or technical web development changes.
We establish the goals and KPIs and get to work! We implement the optimisation actions detected, validate and advise you with regard to web development implementations. And last, but not least, as SEO consultants, we advise and guide you in any decisions you have to make with regard to the website or your online business.
Monitoring and optimisation
We monitor the work carried out and the results obtained with the On-page and Off-page SEO optimisation. We monitor the market, competition and search engines to guarantee a cutting edge SEO strategy for your business.
We analyse the data and create a results report for marketing and SEO decision-making.


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Why choose us?

We are a close-knit team, solid and dynamic team. We understand your needs and work with flexible methodologies that merge our team with your company. We make our experience and knowledge of your business available to you in order to advise and help you to reach the goals of your business.

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This is our story

In 2016, ClickAge, a digital marketing agency, was born under the guidance of Emanuele Ricciotti. Since then, we have never stopped evolving and growing, ultimately becoming the family we are today.
By bringing together various specialized professionals in different areas of digital marketing, we have formed a strong and highly prepared human team.
Within our team, we have creative individuals focused on communication, analytical experts, developers, designers, and more.

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