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At ClickAge, Google Ads agency, we help you to make the most of your investment in online advertising. We create, develop and carry out SEM campaigns tailored to your goals so you can increase the visibility, customers and sales of your business. 

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Do you know whether your campaigns on Google are effective?

Setting KPIs to measure the performance of your advertising is essential. Not only that, in order to achieve 100% real results, you have to have a global overview of the results of different sales/branding channels you use. And, not forgetting that online advertising has an impact offline.

Benefits of SEM

SEM campaigns are vital if you want to multiply the results of your business. Advertisements on Google Ads, provided they are correctly executed, have enormous potential, enabling you to gain visibility, website traffic and sales.

Aware of this, at our Adwords agency, we create scalable, sustainable strategies that are fully tailored to your goals to boost your brand. We believe that cooperation and trust are key when it comes to maximising results, which is why we guarantee transparency, full access to the information about the campaigns and their most relevant metrics.

Furthermore, as a Google Partner, we have access to the latest training, tools and methodology in the sector, guaranteeing the maximum efficiency in managing your SEM campaigns.

Un equipo unido que gestionará tus campañas de Google Ads
Do you want to gain more customers?
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More conversions and reach
We carry out SEM campaigns on Google Ads focussed on capturing new customers in order for you to be able to boost the sales of your business, regardless of its size or sector.
Are you looking for an SEM campaign tailored to your business?
Campañas de SEM orientadas a objetivos
Google Ads services tailored to your goals
We are a PPC agency, specialised in SEM campaigns on different advertising channels: display, mobile, retargeting, shopping, search network…
Interested in optimising your campaigns on Google Ads?
Optimización de campañas de Google Ads
Maximum profitability
Thanks to our wealth of experience as an SEM agency and our certification as a Google Premier Partner, we can offer you profitable, effective and optimised campaigns.


Additional services
Shall we help you to generate a return on your investment on Google Ads?


Analysis of the sector
Once we know the goals and needs of your business, we carry out an SEM audit, essential in establishing a precise and effective action plan.
We structure the SEM campaign to obtain maximum performance and profitability. Hence, it’s time to select the ideal advertising channel (search network, mobile, shopping, display...), detail the appropriate segmentation, design powerful advertisements and establish the budget.
Without data, it isn’t possible to undertake a proper analysis of the campaign. That’s why, at ClickAge, Google Ads agency expert in performance, we configure the advertisements to have SMART metrics which help us to know every detail about their performance. And then? We launch the campaign!
Monitoring and Optimisation
We carry out an in-depth monitoring and in real time of the advertisements to optimise them and so you can always achieve the best results.


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Why choose us?

We are a close-knit team, solid and dynamic team. We understand your needs and work with flexible methodologies that merge our team with your company. We make our experience and knowledge of your business available to you in order to advise and help you to reach the goals of your business.

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This is our story

In 2016, ClickAge, a digital marketing agency, was born under the guidance of Emanuele Ricciotti. Since then, we have never stopped evolving and growing, ultimately becoming the family we are today.
By bringing together various specialized professionals in different areas of digital marketing, we have formed a strong and highly prepared human team.
Within our team, we have creative individuals focused on communication, analytical experts, developers, designers, and more.

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