Are you achieving your goals?

We believe in measurable marketing

Do you identify with your company's communication?

Do you manage to communicate the real values and your business mission via the digital side of your business? And above all, is this communication in line with your company’s goals? Or are you communicating without any goals?

At ClickAge, we don’t just determine whether communication matches your values, we also look at whether it is in line with the business strategy and goals.  We also use metrics to look at how the communication is helping to achieve them. 

Effective communication is tracked communication, with set goals and KPIs that show us whether we are reaching them. 

Are you doing this with your social networks, with your mailing, with your communication…?

Are you achieving the goals you have set?

Often, campaigns are created and assessed using very abstract metrics: impressions, clicks, CTR….But, what is your company’s real goal? Are you really achieving that goal with your campaigns? Are you doing it by investing minimal resources or managing resources efficiently?

At ClickAge, we can help you to optimise the conversion rates of your campaigns.

We optimise campaigns thanks to data analysis. Online and offline data (leads captured by the campaign, sales it generated, new vs. repeat customers, Life Time Value…).

Do you know how to distinguish valuable customers?

We help you to maximise the customer lifetime value (LTV). We capture customers with a long LTV and work with a mix of means to maximise this Lifetime Value. It isn’t just about capturing and marketing actions, it is about winning customers over and ensuring they stay loyal to the brand.

We optimise the achievement of business goals

At ClickAge, we believe in measurable marketing, focussed on each type of business.

Retailers: We help you to import offline sales: we connect your physical store to your digital store. We send people to your store and import the conversions of purchases in the physical store to your digital platforms. In other words, we calculate the ROAS of your campaigns in your physical store. You will know how online campaigns have contributed to the sales in your physical store and the ROAS.

Businesses based on leads: We help you to understand which leads, calls and chats have generated business for your company. We import this data into the system to optimise the capturing of valuable customers.

Online businesses with repeat purchases: We import repeat purchases and link them to the “click/campaign” that generated the capturing of each customer. That way, we optimise the capture of customers that are likely to generate a higher LTV.

We tailor the marketing actions to your goals. We will create a mix of media that maximises your metrics.

Are you able to explain to the CEO and the management team how campaigns are generating business?

Marketing actions have an impact on the income statement of the company, but it is sometimes difficult to get management to understand it. 

We help you to explain how marketing actions are helping to achieve tangible business goals. What ROAS your actions are having, how many sales they have generated, how many leads they have achieved, etc.

We help you to define a marketing strategy in line with the company’s business strategy and, above all, for it to be a measurable strategy. 

Thanks to Business Intelligence systems, we can show how marketing is helping to achieve your company’s goals. How do we do it?

No more reports, we work with real time and interactive dashboards, where the data is up to date at all times. We show leadership summarised information with the impact that marketing actions are having on achieving their goals.

At ClickAge, we take a different approach to marketing, do you want to discover it?


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